Building BIG

December 7, 2016

Responsible for some of Australia’s iconic construction projects, Alfasi Group holds a strong position in the building, drafting, hiring, and property industries both domestically and overseas.

Avri Alfasi founded Alfasi Group from humble beginnings in 1980. Initially a steel fabrication and erection business, the group has since branched out into many specialised divisions and is accommodating a variety of markets both in Australia and internationally. Its four key areas of operation are steel construction, design and drafting, hire, and property, with a presence in Australia, Asia, and the Middle East. Avri leads the family-run business as CEO, son Saar runs the property sector and Alfasi Hire, and son-in-law Gill Dvir oversees the steel construction division.

Alfasi Group is constantly evolving and reviewing market trends in each of its divisions to ensure it provides a competitive product. “A key part of our success is our ‘go get it’ attitude,” Avri explains. “We never rely on one market, which is why Alfasi Group branched out interstate in the 90s and then later overseas. This philosophy is used in each of our divisions. We pursue the work and adapt to the local market. This is the reality of business these days, and ultimately it comes down to survival.”

Venturing into new territory has worked well for the company, and Avri admits areas are strategically chosen after ample research. “We are never afraid to move from one place to another if that’s where the business is,” Avri says. “Five years ago, we would hire equipment around Melbourne. We then moved to Sydney, and we now have equipment in Gladstone, in Western Australia, in mining, and so on. We expand to locations that are feasible for us as a business. Our strategy has been to avoid relying on one core business, in order to create or share revenue.”

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